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Sense even in Insanity

Basic Sense even in Insanity

The following picture is of a Insane woman. She had nothing with her apart from some basic sense that I have noticed.

sense within

Despite complete nudity and loss of complete sense , she still bears the sense of beauty… she still posses bangles in her both hands. She had nothing to wrap her with still she uses her hands to cover her sensual organs…. so this is an ideal instance of sense in insanity or we may say sense within.


Breaking the Trend

Generation :-
The picture below is a depiction of Generation wise beggars. The last generation gets rid of his traditional trend of begging. So, he bites the hand of his previous generation as it symbolizes that he breaks all obstacles and extends his hand of breaking the trend.

This painting of mine gets a review on The Saturday Statesman :-


saturday Staesman


Now I solicit your valuable comments on this regard.