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Being a True Artist[e]

I , Mr. Sabir Hussain, an Artiste feel that if I am an artist and now I am getting exposure and the right platform to express my art through the world, I must also think over the artists who are devoid of this facility owing to some reasons or other. What I have achieved, I want to share with others and the global platform that is unveiled to me, I like to open it for my co- artistes as well as the artist who is yet to bloom. Being an Artist one should only think of his own sublimity but should also make the path smooth for others to be sublime. This I think very artist should bear in his mind and then only he or she can be called a true artist, an Artist Incarnate.


Live and Let Live !

All Artists are talented but some get much exposure and some are few. So, some may become celebrity and some may not.  So, it needs proper focus as well as break through to be a celebrity. And the way of expressing the art in him, varies from artist to artist. A good platform is needed from where an artist can perform his act of art.

So, never neglect a small artist and always make your own way as well as help others to get way. the policy as well as motto of an artist should be “Live and Let Live !”


Breaking the Trend

Generation :-
The picture below is a depiction of Generation wise beggars. The last generation gets rid of his traditional trend of begging. So, he bites the hand of his previous generation as it symbolizes that he breaks all obstacles and extends his hand of breaking the trend.

This painting of mine gets a review on The Saturday Statesman :-


saturday Staesman


Now I solicit your valuable comments on this regard.